Photoshoot Styling

My Experience

When I am working on a video or photo shoot requires some level of styling.

The styling process of making your video or photos look good without people noticing that you look your best. This can include your wardrobe, office, backdrop, food — there are lots of things that can be styled for a shoot.

Styling someone’s living room by tidying up and make it look the best it can or it can usually look like a mess or if it has to many personal items that need removing to fit with the shoot narrative.

There are a lot of small details that we don’t always think about, like fluffing pillows or straightening things that are hanging on the wall. These are minor details, but they can make a big difference in your photos or videos! Please get in touch if you like me to work with you on a video or photoshoot.

Jyn San - Photoshoot Styling
Jyn San - Photoshoot Styling
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